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The appearance of the stone cage net processing and the difference with the rein

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Plastic coated stone cage net is to use the machine will twist two weeks weaving of metal wire one-way cages made of hexagonal network (hexagonal net), in the thickness of 0.15 0.5 m (0.5 m), also known as stone cage and pads, stone cage net pad by the baffle plate is divided into several cell, in order to strengthen the strength of the gabion mesh pad structure, all the panel edges to choose a larger wire diameter.

Stone cage net pad especially table plastic coated stone cage net stone cage net use stone cage net how much money stone cage net manufacturers stone cage net standard metal coating and appearance PVC/PE coating two categories.The diameter of the wire used varies according to the size of the hexagon.The production process is by weaving, cutting, locking, binding made of stone cage and pad.Stone cage and pad to fold the status of supply.

As everybody knows, in the governance process of water conservancy projects, stone cage net play an important role, for the reinforcement and flood drainage channel has played a very important role, in fact, a lot of friends is not particularly understanding, stone cage net is a general industry products, generally when we choose, need according to the actual situation to distinguish selective use, in the case of multiple choice, to give you some misleading information, warner here small make up today for everyone to make a brief introduction of gabion mesh welding of the product and what are the differences between the reinforcement technology of place, hope you also will not be able to correct the difference.

From the perspective of production technology, according to advance good welding mainly wire welding mold, general Israel hole mesh or rectangular mesh is given priority to, the overall shape become the body shape, welding class price is relatively cheap, because, in daily life, whether households or factory electricity price is very low, in the transport process, welding process of stone cage net cannot be folded for transportation, relatively speaking, take up the volume is larger, transportation is not convenient.Generally used in the ecological environment of the landscape engineering, occasionally used in the river embankment slope, the appearance of a single form.

Reinforced stone cage nets are different, reinforced class needs to spend a lot of human cost, is it in the resistance to natural disasters, to be more solid and so on.There are also some essential differences in efficacy.The use of welding in some small rivers, because its strong can not be as good as the type of reinforcement, so in the river governance effect play is also very weak.But the reinforcement is not the same, it can not only be used in river flood control, for the placement of dam collapse and flood prevention, is a great role, and its effect is very good.And, everyone in the use, also want to pay attention to will be of use, do not use the reinforced stone net on some creek, although can harvest good results, but also a serious waste of some useful resources.There are also big differences in appearance.The structure of the electric welding stone cage net is simple, just in a cage made of electric welding steel into a large number of stones.But the shape of the reinforced type is a variety of, and can have different shape according to different governance, you can also make a choice according to the terrain.Reinforced stone cage net is in the process of twisting and weaving, through the arrangement of the machine to support the fixed role of the metal wire and the overall fixed cage itself, for river governance role is very big.