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The advantage that talks about Renault pad basically is to reflect in what place

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Renault pad and gabion cage, gabion cage difference is that the height of the pad is low, flat and large structure;Coated steel wire diameter than gabion fine, generally double baffle (steel wire diameter 2.0mm), single baffle (2.2mm) two kinds

Renault pad advantage is mainly reflected in where

The Renault cushion structure is solid as a whole.Even if one or two broken wires cannot be sent, there are other materials that cannot be replaced, large area assembly, no joints, strong integrity, easy to combine during construction, can be transported to the site for assembly according to the design drawings.

The flexible structure of the Renault cushion can well adapt to various soil geological conditions and be combined with it.The Renault pads are well adapted to the deformation of the foundation without weakening the entire structure.Renault pads cannot be easily broken and broken.In the Renault cushion engineering, the permeability can be realized, so that the groundwater and permeable water can permeate out from the structural cracks in time.It can be effective.The effect of solving clearance pressure is beneficial to slope stability.