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The advantages of electric welded stone cage net are briefly analyzed

Upload date:2019/04/28    Authorship:admin    Article reading quantity:

1, electric welding stone cage net surface smooth and neat, mesh uniform, solid solder joint, has a strong fastness, corrosion resistance, permeability and integrity and other advantages.

2, welding stone cage net low cost, easy to install, is the ideal choice for garden decoration, slope greening.

3. Strong ability to resist natural damage and adverse weather effects.

Electric welding stone cage net

4. Excellent tensile resistance.

5, welding stone cage net site installation is simple, fast and convenient and beautiful structure, saving time and labor, high efficiency.

6, welding stone cage net installation time than hexagon stone cage net save 40%.

Compared with the hexagon stone cage net, welded stone cage net can better keep "cage" when the filling is full, welded stone cage net panel is not convex not concave, keep the plane, not like hexagon stone cage net drum up, so you can better with other stone cage net connection or with the wall as a whole.