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Stone cage net can prevent the reservoir bank collapse

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Reservoir after wind and rain erosion, river erosion, time will be long there is a danger of bank collapse, can be used to prevent this kind of situation.

According to the different situations of bank collapse, different types, scales and mechanisms of bank collapse occur due to the differences in geological conditions of reservoir shoreline crossing the field. Therefore, the bank collapse treatment project should be highly targeted. Instead of blindly carrying out or blindly taking certain prevention and control engineering measures, it is necessary to apply appropriate measures to the case and conduct comprehensive treatment.

Stone cage net can be used for embankment protection, or the whole riverbed and riverbank protection, more suitable for the original slope of the river with slower.The upper part is slope protection engineering and the lower part is foot protection engineering.Slope protection engineering is to repair the original slope and then lay the slope protection filter layer and the ecological grid mat structure surface layer, in order to prevent water erosion, wave impact, water level change and groundwater seepage erosion and other damage to the slope surface;The foot protection project adopts anti-impact materials laid in the underwater riverbed near the slope foot to form a protective layer to prevent the water from scouring and achieve the purpose of protecting the foundation of the embankment.The biggest advantage of the stone cage net is ecological, its internal filling is natural stone, stone between the gap, allow plants to grow in it, also can be targeted to sow appropriate plants, with engineering slope protection and plant slope protection double effect.