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Stone cage net in the construction need to master what skills?

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Now need to use more and more places stone cage net, so do you understand the stone cage net in the construction need to master some skills?Below small make up to introduce the stone cage net in the construction need to master some skills.

1, the cage spacing mesh and mesh body should be 90 degrees intersection, can be binding every combination of wire binding must be double strands and twisted, binding spacing needs to meet the design requirements.

2, all corners of the cage, adjacent edge wire, edge wire and mesh surface intersection must be separated by 625px double binding.

3, empty cage placement, connection binding other cage units according to the lofting line in place according to the design requirements, and will each set of cage and up and down, around the adjacent river stone cage cage double binding, in the edge wire and edge wire, edge wire and mesh adjacent place binding.

4. Thoroughly check whether the empty cage is consistent with the lofting control line and whether the cage elevation meets the design requirements.There are no problems before we proceed to the next step.

5. The binding stick (steel pipe, bamboo pole, or template) shall be exposed in the outside to ensure the appearance is smooth, and shall be removed after the sealing is completed.

6, fill stone special attention to the following points: river cage cage filled stone particle size must meet the design requirements.The surface of the first layer of stone must be artificial masonry, stone need to level the masonry, to ensure the flatness, to ensure the appearance.

7, the exposed side of the cage must be set with horizontal fixed wire, in each layer of cage fill stone height reached 625px paved after the setting.The horizontal fixing wire is in figure 8.Must be in turn, uniform, stratified to the same layer of the box box feeding, is strictly prohibited to fill a single grid box.After each layer of cage fill stone, need to use fine gravel on the top of the cage flatness to correct before sealing.