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Application of gabion stone cage net slope protection technology in reservoir re

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In 2014, a total of 71.9 billion cubic meters of flood water was held back in reservoirs across the country, and 15.18 million mu of farmland was exempted or reduced, and 18.35 million people affected by the disaster were exempted or reduced.At the end of the flood season, large and medium-sized reservoirs nationwide stored more water than usual. For the fifth year in a row, the three gorges reservoir has achieved the experimental storage target of 175 meters, and the danjiangkou reservoir has set a record high in water storage, laying a solid foundation for drought resistance, ecological water supply and water supply for the middle route of the south-to-north water diversion project.

With the frequent occurrence of small scale and high intensity rainstorms, it poses a serious threat to the safety of reservoir flood control.According to the forecast, this year China's meteorological year overall deviation, the Yangtze river, the songhua river basin may appear heavier flood situation, the southwest heavy precipitation caused by mountain flood geological disaster may be heavy, reservoir safety flood situation is not optimistic.

It is necessary to reinforce the reservoir and the slope, strengthen the monitoring, control the upstream and downstream and the left and right bank slopes comprehensively, and take into account the functions of flood control, security and water storage and drought resistance.