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The blade stinging

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The blade thorn lineThe blade stinging
The blade stingingThe blade stinging
The blade stingingThe blade stinging
The blade stingingThe blade stinging

        By shape:

        Screw-blade, cross-blade, flat-blade, straight-blade.

        Core wire material: adopt high quality - hot dip galvanized high carbon steel wire, hot dip galvanized medium carbon steel wire, stainless steel plate wire and so on.

        Blade material: high quality - hot dip galvanized steel plate, stainless steel plate.

Process: it USES steel plate (knife plate) stamping forming package attached to hot galvanized steel wire (core wire), by sharp Angle galvanized steel plate or stainless steel sheet as a blade, high tension steel wire as a core wire combination.


        There are two kinds of blade barbed cord: BTO and CBT.

        BTO includes BTO-10 BTO-18 BTO-22 BTO-28 BTO-30;

        CBT includes CBT-60 CBT-65;

        BTO-22 is the most commonly used model in China (other models can also be customized).


        Blade barbed wire, also known as scraper type bayonet wire, is a new type of protection wind product developed with strong protection and isolation ability.Sharp knife - shaped thorn by double - thread buckle into a snake - shaped, both beautiful and chilling.It's a good deterrent.At the same time, the product has the advantages of beautiful appearance, good resistance effect and convenient construction.

        Do protective, blade barbed wire is generally used in prison because of the sharp blade is not easy to touch, play a role in deter the, blade thorn rope, USES more extensive, it can be used to residents of wall protection, also can be used in the enclosure, etc., the barbed wire anti-theft effect is better than ordinary barbed wire, the price is not high also, so the blade thorn rope is more and more widely used.

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