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Punching mesh

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Punching meshPunching mesh
Punching meshPunching mesh
Punching meshPunching mesh
Punching meshPunching mesh

        Punching mesh refers to punching holes of different shapes on the same material to meet different needs.It can be used as environmental protection noise control barrier, sound absorber for sound insulation and noise reduction of building object wall, generator room, factory building and other noise sources in expressway, railway, subway and other traffic and municipal facilities passing through urban areas

        Can be used for building ceiling, wallboard sound-absorbing materials;Can be used for building stairs, balconies, environmental protection tables and chairs beautifully decorated orifice;Can be used to shield of mechanical equipment, speaker net, food, feed, mines with grinding ore sieve, sieve, sieve, h kitchen equipment with stainless steel fruit blue cover, food, fruit tray, such as kitchen utensils and appliances, and shopping malls shelf, decoration exhibition platform, grain ventilation breathable mesh, football field lawn ooze water filter water filter.Punching net is also widely used in the electronic industry, such as the dust and sound enclosure of audio, as shown in the figure below:Product features: can, easy to processing molding, spray painting or polishing, easy to install, attractive appearance, all kinds of thickness of the plate, a variety of selected aperture and arrangement, good sound-absorbing effect, lighter weight, long service life, precise dimensions mesh is widely used in chemical machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, food and beverage machinery, cigarette machine, cutter, dry cleaners, ironing table, sound equipment, refrigeration equipment, central air conditioning) speakers, handicraft production, paper making, hydraulic accessories, filtration equipment and so on all walks of life.

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