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The use of highway fence network advantage

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        Highway guardrail net material is generally woven from low carbon steel wire, guardrail net surface is after a good anti-corrosion treatment with anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-sun, weather and other characteristics.

        The use of highway fence network advantage

        Advantages of expressway guardrail network in use the guardrail net has a reasonable structure and good functions.

        The highway guardrail network in the installation can be excellent into the surrounding landscape, there will be no discordant problems, the use of plating, plating parts of the highway guardrail network surface should be free of plating, exposed iron and other defects.Plating powder is the use of aging resistance better imported weathering resin powder, coating must be consistent color, smooth surface, do not allow the flow of hanging, dripping or excess agglomeration and other adverse factors.