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Installation method of highway guardrail net

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        Highway guardrail net installation method and sequence: fence installation space stereo crossover operation is complicated, various type of work with more, so in the installation, should make perfect technical measures, to control the whole process of construction, at the same time set up complete quality guarantee system and safety assurance system, make the project smooth implementation in a safe and orderly situation.

        The installation of engineering guardrail net, steel beam, platform beam and purlin adopts the method of partial lifting: first, the guardrail net is lifted successively;Two is to support the lifting column;Three is the roof beam, horizontal support, connection beam in turn for lifting;Fourth, the platform hoisting.

Installation method of highway guardrail net

         Installation sequence: guardrail net -- column support, roof beam, contact beam, horizontal support beam -- second floor platform beam, purlin, brace, corner brace.Highway guardrail network installation technical plan foundation to install guardrail network before, there should be civil construction process handover (including written materials and material objects), and then to each location size, axis position, bolt center line, elevation, etc.

        Retest content: whether the measured data of the top elevation of foundation meets the design requirements.Whether the span and column distance meet the design requirements and acceptance specifications.Whether the data is complete and consistent with the measured data on site.

        Guardrail net installation, to remove the concrete ash, the establishment of the foundation positioning line, to be marked with red paint clearly accurate " " word axis, to ensure that the axis of the guardrail net anastomosis.

        Highway guardrail net elevation adjustment, the use of pad iron, pad iron thickness according to the measured elevation calculation, first pad an Angle, the use of a level to measure, and then the other three angles to adjust the use of a level, but note that each Angle pad iron not more than three pieces.