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Control measures of night lighting for highway guardrail net installation and co

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Control measures of night lighting for highway guardrail net installation and construction

Highway guardrail net installation construction night lighting control measures searchlight as far as possible to meet the requirements of lighting and not dazzling new lamps or take measures to make the night lighting only illuminate the construction area and not affect the rest of the surrounding community residents.For the light pollution caused by night lights, dysprosium lamps should be arranged in the light direction to avoid direct exposure to the Windows of surrounding residential buildings.At the same time, the night construction shall not exceed 22:00, and the light shall be off when the work is finished.

        Measures to control dust pollution in highway guardrail net

Dust pollution control of highway guardrail network is an important measure to protect the site environment.According to the characteristics of the project, effective control should be carried out from the aspects of project organization structure, fund guarantee, contract agreement and process control.

Control measures of night lighting for highway guardrail net installation and construction

1) the post responsibility system shall be established during the installation of highway guardrail network, and the responsibility for dust prevention and control shall be transferred to people.A special person is responsible for dust control work site, the establishment of civilized construction cleaning team, equipped with sprinklers guardrail fence fence network, dust pressure, dust work.

2) set up a special fund for dust pollution control, and ensure that this fund is used exclusively for the purchase and rental of guardrail nets and materials to prevent dust pollution.

3) transport road and material storage yard shall be hardened and cleaned and sprayed with water every day to keep them clean.Non - hardening areas with green flowers and plants, as far as possible to reduce the bare ground.

4) use commercial concrete to avoid dust problems caused by on-site mixing.5) the concrete tank truck shall clean the hopper before leaving the site each time, and the garbage truck shall be covered with felt cloth before leaving the site.

6) there is a cleaning groove at the entrance and exit of the road. Before the vehicle leaves the site, clean the tires and the groove side. Do not take mud on the road.Transport vehicles shall not be overloaded, should have a margin, with color strips of cloth to cover tightly, strictly prevent the spill, once found spill, timely organization of manpower cleaning.Do not throw rubbish or muck in the air.

7) the earthwork excavation and backfilling stage is the key period to control the dust pollution. When the wind force exceeds grade 4, the backfilling of earthwork should be stopped and the pile of soil on site should be covered with colored strips to reduce the dust on site.

8) cement, lime and other fine particle materials easy to fly should be stored in the warehouse. Some of them should be covered tightly when stored in the open air. During transportation and unloading, the dust should be prevented from flying, so as to reduce dust.

9) it is strictly prohibited to throw garbage and muck in the air. Fixed closed garbage ponds should be set up on the site, and garbage bins should be set up on each floor. All garbage should be removed from the site on the same day and transported to the designated garbage disposal site according to government regulations.In the contract signed with the designated subcontractor and other contractors, it is required to put the production waste at the waste storage site established by the general contractor, and the general contractor shall conduct centralized cleaning, transportation and absorption.

10) slaking of quicklime and construction of lime soil shall be properly combined with sprinkling to prevent dust.

11) coal burning and firewood or other materials are prohibited on site. Strict fire control is carried out to minimize smoke and dust.

12) on-site heating facilities use clean fuels.

13) upon completion of the project, the demolition site shall be constructed in a timely manner, and the generated garbage and muck shall be cleared and transported out of the site on the same day, and effective measures such as sprinkling and temporary covering shall be adopted in the demolition process to prevent dust.

14) strictly implement the performance measurement and monitoring management procedures of our unit, and achieve effective control and continuous improvement of dust pollution through process indicators, program monitoring and measurement, inspection and maintenance of monitoring guardrail fence network, data analysis and improvement, etc.