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Community fence

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Community fenceCommunity fence
Community fenceCommunity fence
Community fenceCommunity fence
Community fenceCommunity fence

        Fence netting is also known as a protective net. Due to regional differences, southern people are used to calling it a fence, while northern people are used to calling it a fence netting.China's guardrail network is mainly divided into: garden guardrail network, railway guardrail network, bridge guardrail network, highway guardrail network, sports fence, airport fence and so on (use is very broad).

        According to the type is divided into: frame guardrail net, triangular bending guardrail net, bilateral wire guardrail net, double circle guardrail net, wave guardrail net, stadium guardrail net, blade gill net - guardrail net, thorn rope guardrail net, PVC coated wire guardrail net and so on (type diversification).

        Guardrail network is usually used as a means of corrosion protection powder immersion molding, it originated in the fluidized bed method, the so-called fluidized bed was originally used in the winkler gas furnace in oil contact decomposition, and then developed the solid gas two-phase contact process, gradually used in the metal coating.So sometimes called "fluidized bed coating method", the actual process is the powder coating added to the bottom of the porous porous container (flow tank), from the blower from the bottom into the processed compressed air, so that the powder coating turning to "fluidized state", become a uniform distribution of fine powder.

        Fence netting coating process are done by two stages: the first stage for fixed bed, the second phase of airflow conveying stage, on the basis of the fixed bed continue to increase the velocity (W), bed expansion and loose, bed height increased, each powder particles float, and leave the original position for a certain degree of mobile, has now entered the stage of fluidized bed.BC section describes the fluidized bed powder layer expansion, its height (I) with the increase in gas velocity and increase, but the pressure in the bed (P) does not increase, in a certain range of variable velocity without affecting the fluid required unit power, this is the characteristics of the fluidized bed, it is the use of this feature to carry out the coating process.The uniformity of powder fluidized state in fluidized bed is the key to ensure the uniform coating.The fluidized bed used in powder coating belongs to "vertical fluidization", the number of fluidization must be found out by experiments, generally it can be coated, the suspension rate of powder in the fluidized bed can reach up to 30 ~ 50%.

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